Prince Edward County short-term accommodations regime now in force

A picture of a long table and black office chairs (on rollers) filled with people. To the left is a large screen showing a presentation. It is flanked by flags and a picture of the previous monarch. To the right are windows and curtains. Lights, a presentation projector, and ceiling tiles cover the space above.
Prince Edward County Council being presented the final version of the new STA regime. Photo by Alex Wright.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 23-09-2022
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After much trial and revision, a new regime to regulate short-term accommodations (STAs) was passed by Prince Edward County Council on Tuesday.

The new rules include a $1,000 fine for failing to post STA license numbers on any STA advertisement, steeper fines for unlicensed STAs (which will begin at $10,000, and then graduate up to $50,000 for egregious offenders); a 45 calendar day limit for those wishing to fully rent out their primary residence; and a ban on future secondary residence STAs (besides those already grandfathered).

There will also be policies to define and promote accessibility for STA units in order to remove barriers for people with disabilities.

Representatives of the Licensed Short-Term Accommodators of Prince Edward County were also present at the deciding council meeting and expressed concerns over licenses properly transferring when grandfathered STA properties are sold. They were also concerned about overly punitive fines for infractions, such as failures to display license numbers (see the gallery below for their full written response).

Listen to the full story below: