Polaris winner Debby Friday returns for hometown show

Debby Friday returns for the first time since her Polaris win on Dec. 14. Poster via Debby Friday.
Jules Bugiel - CKUT - MontrealQC | 13-12-2023
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It's been a banner year for Debby Friday: in March she released her first LP, Good Luck, under Sub Pop Records, and in September she netted the Polaris Music Prize for the record. The Polaris, which comes with a $50,000 cash prize, is the biggest prize in indie and alternative music in Canada.

Since then, she's been travelling the world touring and playing the festival circuit. This Thursday (Dec. 14) she makes an important stop, returning home for a Montreal show at Bar Le Ritz PDB.

CKUT caught up with her about the record, the Polaris win, and the importance of coming back to play her hometown for the first time since winning the award.

Listen to the full interview below: