Peterborough Fire Services recommendations to reduce fire risk during holiday season

A fire truck in front of a Peterborough Fire Services station.
The holidays may bring increased household fire risks according to the local fire service. Image taken from the Peterborough Fire Services website.
Edward Sweeney - CFFF - PeterboroughON | 15-12-2023
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Along with the large gatherings and seasonal decorations of the winter holiday season comes a greater risk of household fire, according to Amanda Dears, Fire and Life Safety Educator for Peterborough Fire Services.

“[Fires] are definitely more common. We do see an increase in fires over the period from December to February,” says Dears, but they are caused by a variety of reasons.

Many people will decorate their home with a tree during the winter holidays, which can come with an increased fire risk.

“If you choose to have a real Christmas tree, they do require some care to ensure they do not become too dry and create a fire hazard,” says Dears. To reduce this risk, water the “real” tree daily.

Lights, or “anything that carries a current,” also introduce a risk for fire. Dears recommends to follow the instructions associated with the lights, and to avoid using damaged bulbs.

Listen to the full story to learn how to prevent fire in your home over the winter holidays: