PEC Council approves of Friendship Agreement with Krasyliv, Ukraine

A two story medium sized building with a worn brown brick facade with white four pillared portico.
Prince Edward County Shire Hall in March 2022. Photo by Alex Wright.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 28-04-2023
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Prince Edward County Council passed a directive on Tuesday that will lay the foundation for a Friendship Agreement between Prince Edward County and Krasyliv Urban Territorial Community, Ukraine.

As described in the associated staff report, the territory, which is situated in the west of the country, “is actively living through the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine while also doing its best to receive and provide refuge to the thousands of Ukrainian citizens who have fled from areas more severely affected by the invasion.”

The details of the agreement are still being developed, but they will be founded on the basis of communication and cross-community promotion.

Sophiasburgh Coun. Bill Roberts stated in his introduction to the Friendship Agreement's council resolution, that Prince Edward County can, in a modest way, oppose "Putin’s bleak vision, which would frog-march our world down a very bleak path where democracies are overthrown, might is right, and borders are drawn by violence.”

In 2019, a delegation representing 14 local governments (including Krasyliv) in Ukraine visited Ontario and Prince Edward County to learn about the provincial restructuring that had led to a wave of municipal amalgamations, which among others included the county becoming a single-tier municipality.

Listen to the full story below: