Nova Vita Brant goes silent to raise awareness about gender-based violence

A purple flag can be seen waving halfway up on a flag pole. City buildings can be seen in the background.
Nova Vita Brant has been participating in the 16 days of activism to put an end to gender based violence. Photo courtesy of Nova Vita Brant.
Andrew Dow - CJKS - OhswekenON | 08-12-2023
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Editor's Note: This story discusses domestic and sexualized violence. 

Staff members of Nova Vita Brant Domestic Violence Prevention Services have been participating in the United Nations led global initiative "16 days of Activism to end gender-based violence" by going silent for 24 hours to break the silence against domestic violence.

Anne Ruddell, Community Development Manager for Nova Vita Brant, spoke about the campaign and many of the issues that women across the world deal with when suffering from gender-based violence. Ruddell says that the City of Brantford ranks 1st in Ontario and 4th in the Country for police reported incidents of domestic violence.

She called that statistic "startling" and says that focusing on the issue within the 16 days of activism campaign is an important step to start bringing awareness to this issue.

"This is a really great way to start to get educated."

Visit the Nova Vita campaign page to learn more about the campaign.

For the full CJKS story listen below: