New wheelchair basketball teams created in the northwest

People in wheelchairs on a basketball court
Wheelchair basketball catches on in the northwest. Photo courtesy of the Northern Adapted Sports Association on Facebook.
Morgyn Budden - CFNR - TerraceBC | 14-11-2022
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Two new wheelchair basketball teams have formed in the northwest to promote inclusivity. 

The Northern Adapted Sports Association (NASA), which originated in Prince George five years ago, has decided to expand further northwest following postponed plans due to COVID-19. 

Programming Director for NASA Rob Stiles says that the original plans to start the Terrace wheelchair basketball team was delayed due to the pandemic. 

Stiles says that they now have a team of about five or six people with 9 wheelchairs available in Terrace and encourages those that are able-bodied to give it a try. Encouraging able-bodied people to join, according to Stiles, is to show people that sport is universal and adjustments can be made to include everyone.  

After the Terrace Skeena Spinners was started in September, there was interest that stemmed in Kitimat, leading to the establishment of the Kitimat Killer Wheels in late October. 

Stiles explained that because his wife is in a wheelchair, basketball became a family favourite activity. Eventually, they decided to establish NASA after finding inspiration in the Kamloops Adapted Sports Association. 

Stiles says that they hope to have enough teams in close enough proximity to each other to hold a tournament in the northwest by spring time.

Though they hope to keep competition light, “as long as everyone’s having fun we’re happy,” Stiles says.

Listen to the CFNR story with Rob Stiles below: