New challenges for street churches

The Old Apostolic Church of Canada and Midnight Ministries are among those helping marginalized and vulnerable populations in the DTES - Photo: Shutterstock
Gunargie O'Sullivan - CFRO - VancouverBC | 12-10-2021
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On today's show, Gunargie O'Sullivan talks with Bishop Joel Dooley of Old Catholic Apostolic Church of Canada and Pastor Jennifer Allan with Midnight Ministries.

They give us a view of their work in the community, discuss the Arthur Pawlowski's case and finally tell us how the pandemic impacted their work and the life of the persons they serve.

Pastor Jennifer Allan and her husband run Midnight Ministries. "We drive around the streets. We walk around the streets at nighttime from like nine o'clock, sometimes til 4:00 AM. And we respond to drug overdoses. We give out food to people. We pray for people. We walk people to the hospital, we drive them to shelters. We basically do what we can to help people out and stop the immediate suffering they're going through in the moment," she explains.

According to their website, the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of Canada "works across the whole of Canada, but is centered in Victoria, British Columbia. There is mission outreach, and prayer groups, worship and homeless befriending."

Listen to their discussion below.