Nelson’s living wage increases to $21.14

A wooden three board sign mounted on top of a fieldstone base and sitting beside a paved road reads 'The City of Nelson Welcomes You'. Trees and blue skies in the background.
Living wage in Nelson has risen to $21.14. Photo by Scott Onyschak.
Scott Onyschak - CJLY - KootenayBC | 27-11-2023
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According to the recent Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives annual Living Wage Report, the hourly rate that people need to earn in Nelson has risen to $21.14.

Living wage is the hourly rate that each of two parents working full-time needs to earn in order to support a family of four.

This is a 1.5% increase from last year. All of the 19 communities surveyed in British Columbia saw an increase this year.

Sean Ryan, the Nelson representative for the report said, “the past few years' living wage in BC has increased dramatically. Rents have skyrocketed and the cost of groceries have soared across the province.” He spoke to CJLY about this year's living wage report.

Ryan explained the two main reasons for the study. One is for the government to understand the gap between living wage and minimum wage. The other is to encourage employers to become living wage employers.

Minimum wage in BC is $16.75 per hour, the second highest rate in the country. This is below the living wage in all 19 communities surveyed.

According to Living Wage for Families BC, seven employers in Nelson are living wage employers. In order to qualify all employees and contracted employees must earn at least $21.14.

Listen to the story below: