NDP nominate MP Taylor Bachrach to run as candidate in next federal election

Man Standing outside in the woods
MP Taylor Bachrach will run again as the NDP candidate in the next election. File photo/CFNR.
Sabrina Spencer - CFNR - TerraceBC | 03-11-2023
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Over the weekend, the NDP in the Skeena Bulky Valley nominated MP Taylor Bachrach to run as their candidate in the next federal election.

Bachrach says although the next federal election date has not been set, it could be as far away as 2025, it's still good to be prepared.

Bachrach has been the MP since being elected in 2019 and has been the voice of the Skeena Bulkly Valley, an area that he says is the furthest riding from parliament and is about the size of Poland. But with an area so large, Bachrach says he still makes himself available to the riding that he represents.

Some concerns he's brought to parliament include CEBA repayment loan as well as implementing a “red dress alert” and affordable dental care for children and seniors.

Bachrach spoke with CFNR about what this nomination means, some of the issues he brought to parliament and issues that he’s working on now.

Listen to CFNR's interview with Taylor Bachrach below: