Nanaimo man’s toys help win him award in short film contest

Nanaimo film maker Todd Cameron with "The Dude." Photo courtesy Todd Cameron
Lisa Cordasco - CHLY - NanaimoBC | 17-02-2021

A one minute movie of a movie has won a Nanaimo man the fan favourite prize in a contest that had close to 350 entrants.  Todd Cameron is a local film maker who used plastic dolls and home-made sets in his stop motion production, "The Short Lebowski."  He won $1000 after his video was voted number one by fans in a contest, sponsored by Vancouver rock station CFOX.  Cameron estimates it took 70 hours to produce his one minute masterpiece, which he says was a labour of love.


Cameron says "The Big Lebowski" is one of his favourite films and the toys used in his version were a gift from his wife.  He says she supports his film making endeavors, which he says he's had lots of time for, because of the pandemic.


This is Cameron's second foray into stop motion production.   Another video that paid tribute to his favourite TV show, Schitt's Creek, went viral last year with more than a quarter million views.  Here are the links to both: