MRC Pontiac hires fire inspection company for high-risk buildings

A shoulder badge for the Mansfield fire department.
MRC Pontiac announced at their latest council meeting on June 21 that they would be contracting out fire inspections of buildings on their territory deemed "high-risk". They are hoping to find someone locally to conduct the inspections in the future. Photo courtesy of the Mansfield Fire Department.
Caleb Nickerson - CHIP - PontiacQC | 27-06-2023
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At the last MRC Pontiac council meeting on June 21, Fire and Public Safety coordinator Julien Gagnon presented a resolution to contract out fire inspections of buildings on the territory deemed "high-risk". They define "high risk" as structures that are commercial, house hazardous materials or host large gatherings of people are deemed higher risk  and need to be inspected by a qualified technician every five years.

Inspections of residences and lower risk structures are typically handled by the local fire department, as the training to do so is a part of the Firefighter 1 course.

Gagnon explained in a follow-up interview that they are unaware of anyone in the area that has the requisite training to conduct such inspections, and in order to keep up with the MRC's obligations under the fire safety cover plan, they needed to seek outside help. The resolution notes that the MRC made two attempts in 2023 to hire someone locally to conduct the inspections.

Gagnon said that the MRC had budgeted a total of $32,000 for these services for 2023, and the company Action-PMU out of Beauceville had submitted quote for $23,000 to complete these inspections two days a week at a rate of $65 per hour, plus expenses for the remainder of the year with an option to provide the services in 2024 if the MRC wishes.

Gagnon explained that it takes a one year full-time college course to become qualified to do these high-risk inspections, and he hoped to find someone local to conduct them in the future.