MP Ryan Williams speaks favorably of Picton Terminals expansion at council meeting

A photo of a person in a black business suit (containing their head, shoulders, and upper torso). Behind them is a light blue background with a faded Gothic Revival clocktower with a green copper roof (because of exposure to acids).
Ryan Williams, Bay of Quinte Member of Parliament. Photo from Ryan Williams, Member of Parliament Website.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 26-05-2023
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On Tuesday, the issues of County Road 49 funding and Picton Terminals expansion took the floor during a presentation to Prince Edward County Council by Ryan Williams, Member of Parliament (MP) for Bay of Quinte.

Sophiasburgh Coun. Bill Roberts had a query for MP Williams regarding his vision for Picton Terminals’ role in the electric vehicle supply chain after he spoke favourably of the terminal’s expansion at a May 17 House of Commons debate.

Ameliasburgh Coun. Janice Maynard ended the discussion with a caution to MP Williams concerning the unpopularity of Picton Terminals container shipping plans with local residents.

Currently, the County and Picton Terminals have agreed to enter into settlement discussions over the former’s permanent injunction court application to restrain all (municipally) unauthorized developments at the latter’s site.

Listen to the full story below: