Move for Tantramar takeover of Trans Canada Trail supported by citizens group

A man dressed in a black coat and tuque stands on a snowy trail next to a grassy field and fencerow. Next to him is a sign post which reads The Great Trail
Retired Sackville doctor Ross Thomas is one of the people advocating for a town takeover of the Trans Canada Trail. Photo: Erica Butler
Erica Butler - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 06-12-2023
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CHMA takes a walk on the Trans Canada Trail with retired Sackville doctor Ross Thomas, to talk about his support for a move by Councillor Josh Goguen to see the trail come under the town’s management.

Thomas is part of a group of citizens also advocating for town cooperation in pursuing funding for a pedway to connect the trail across the Trans Canada highway.  He says the trail surface has been damaged by increasing ATV use in recent years, due to lack of replacement of signs and gates meant to keep drivers off the non-motorized trail. Thomas says the trail is a 'rural sidewalk' and provides opportunity for exercise and green transportation in Tantramar.

Goguen's motion is expected at Tantramar council's next meeting on December 12, 2023.