Moisson Estrie tackles rising hunger rates in Eastern Townships, urges community support

Cooking in Moisson Estrie's kitchen
Moisson Estrie is seeing rising hunger rates in the Eastern Townships. Photo taken from Moisson Estrie's website.
Derek Bullard - CJMQ - SherbrookeQC | 11-11-2023
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In response to the pressing issue of food insecurity in the Eastern Townships, Moisson Estrie is grappling with a significant 30 per cent increase in demand, as unveiled by the 2023 Hungry Report.

The report, compiled in collaboration with Food Banks Canada, paints a stark picture of a rising need for assistance, marking a 67 per cent surge since 2019 and a concerning uptick in children relying on food banks. Moisson Estrie's general manager Christian Bibeau sheds light on the challenges faced by families and individuals in the current economic landscape, emphasizing the organization's role in helping them navigate financial turbulence as winter approaches.

The discrepancy between demand and resources remains a central challenge for Moisson Estrie, despite its efforts to assist over 200 people daily and support 52 organizations in the region. Monetary donations are identified as a crucial factor in ensuring that the organization can meet the growing needs of the community. Child hunger is a prominent concern for the organization, with Bibeau highlighting the financial hurdles in directly addressing this issue.

The report further explores Moisson Estrie's involvement in a recent regional conference on food supply, where collective solutions were explored to address hunger and support local agriculture. While acknowledging the importance of government aid, the conversation shifts to the community's role, emphasizing the need for continued public support and donations.

Moisson Estrie is calling for community solidarity and assistance as families face heightened challenges.

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