MLA contracts COVID-19

A woman stands smiling in front of a large truck
Queens MLA Kim Masland. Photo Ed Halverson
Ed Halverson - QCCR/CJQC - LiverpoolNS | 19-11-2021
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The MLA for Queens has contracted COVID-19.

In a release issued Wednesday, Kim Masland confirms the diagnosis and says she is unsure how she may have picked it up.

Masland who is also minister of Public Works and House Leader, says she is fully vaccinated and is tested regularly, most recently on Remembrance Day.

She began to feel unwell Sunday and was tested Monday.

The Queens MLA was scheduled to attend the official opening of the new infant care centre at Queens Daycare Tuesday but cancelled as a precaution.

Masland received the positive test result Wednesday morning.

In her statement Masland says, “This shows how contagious this virus is and how important it is to be vaccinated and follow public health measures. I am not feeling well, but thankfully my symptoms are mild and I know that the vaccine is preventing me from becoming seriously ill.”

She expressed concerns for those with whom she has recently been in contact.

Masland says this is a reminder that COVID-19 is still with us and it is critical to continue to follow public health protocols.

She urged people to continue to get vaccinated and to stay home if they are feeling unwell.

Masland says she will continue to work with public health and requests privacy as she recovers.

Her office remains open to address constituent concerns.

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