Minister and MLA Melanie Mark shares a special bond with the peoples from the Downtown Eastside

MLA Melanie Mark
Melanie Mark is the first female First Nations Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia and subsequent Cabinet Minister. - Photo courtesy Melanie Mark
James Mainguy - CFRO - VancouverBC | 22-11-2021
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Melanie Mark is the NDP MLA for the riding of Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, a riding that includes the Downtown Eastside. First elected in 2016, Mark sees this neighbourhood as “small in radius, but big on issues, the complex issues of what brings people to the Downtown Eastside. Some of it is trauma, but there’s also a huge sense of community.” Mark’s mom still lives there today “with pride”.


Along with issues facing the DTES, Mark, who is B.C.’s Minister of Tourism, Art, Culture, and Sport, also addresses the need to combat the climate emergency that made the recent flooding in B.C. so much worse. 


Finally, she speaks about the recent deaths of Lillian Howard and Lee Maracle, two very prominent and influential Indigenous women. “It’s such a huge loss. But I think what I can leave you that they left a great legacy in the community by being mentors and leaders and sharing their knowledge with the next generation.”


Listen to Melanie Mark’s interview below.


Melanie Mark’s website