McGill institutes hiring freeze, cross-campus cuts in response to tuition hikes

Students gather at a tuition hike protest earlier this fall. Photo by Sequoia Kim.
Jules Bugiel - CKUT - MontrealQC | 06-12-2023
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McGill University is taking drastic action to prepare for the out-of-province tuition hikes and changes to higher education funding models proposed by the provincial government. The latest move is an immediate freeze in academic and administrative hiring, Provost Christopher Manfredi advised the McGill community on Friday.

This comes a month after Principal Deep Saini announced a projected loss in annual revenues of $24.5 million for international students and between $17.6 million and $69.8 million for out-of-province Canadian students. These numbers may change, as Premier Francois Legault is reported to be reconsidering the doubling of out-of-province tuition, with plans to raise costs to $12,000 instead of the $17,000 initially announced.

Speaking to CKUT, students and faculty share their thoughts about how this contraction will affect their programs at McGill, as well as the reputation of the school as a whole.

With files from Wendy Zhao and Eliza Lee

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