Marcel Mousseau, artist, activist, and pillar of the Downtown Eastside Community, passes away

Marcel Mousseau
Gunargie O'Sullivan - CFRO - VancouverBC | 15-07-2021

A talented painter and carver, Marcel Mousseau was a staple at the Downtown Eastside Street Market since its inception in 2010. There he was a vendor but also a volunteer. In an interview given to The Tyee in March 2021, he said that he wouldn’t want to do anything else. "I can’t get fired, I can’t get demoted,”

A self-taught Ojibway artist raised on the Ebb and Flow reserve in Manitoba, Mousseau would make a living by selling his bigger pieces in galleries and selling the smaller ones, like dreamcatchers and leather lighter cases, at the market. The revenue from his sales was enough to live the life he wanted and send money to his family.

Today on the Pulse, Nick Perry remembers his friend. "We had tourists come down to the market from the cruise ships and just come to the market to check out Marcel's artwork."

Marcel Mousseau passed away on July 3, 2021, a few days short of his 58th birthday. He is sorely missed.