MacLeod aims to represent Queens Liberals in next provincial election

A professional headshot of Susan MacLeod
Susan MacLeod seeking Liberal nomination for Queens. Photo submitted.
Ed Halverson - QCCR - LiverpoolNS | 09-04-2021

A former regional councillor is throwing their hat into provincial politics.

Susan MacLeod is vying to be the Liberal candidate for Queens in the next provincial election.

MacLeod wants to continue to serve her community as an elected official but recognizes she has a steep hill to climb.

“In my nature I’m a very helpful person and I know it’s going to be tough,” said MacLeod. “There has not been a Liberal representative in Queens since 1955.”

MacLeod spent 16 years serving on regional council and took a run at the mayor’s chair in October but lost by 230 votes to current mayor Darlene Norman.

She has lived her entire life in Queens County and has been a member of many organizations including the Astor Theatre Society, South Shore Housing Coalition, South Queens Chamber of Commerce, Christmas on the Mersey, Queens General Hospital Foundation, Queens County Seniors Safety Association and of course, on this station, QCCR.

MacLeod currently serves on the Housing Committee with the Queens Care Society. She says creating more affordable housing is a top priority.

“It would be staggering to know that there are so many homeless people in Queens that we are not aware of until you hear it from those that have had direct connection with them. And young families, they deserve to have good, solid housing.”

MacLeod says you can’t rely exclusively on private landlords to fill gaps in the housing market.

“When you get non-profits involved in this type of issue I think you might get a little bit more quality housing done.”

MacLeod is excited at the possibility of joining the team under the newly elected liberal leader and Premier Iain Rankin.

“He will listen to anyone, he says he always looks at both sides.”

She also agrees with Rankin that economic development should be environmentally sustainable.

“He is very concerned about environmental issues, and his philosophy is to deal with environment can also be an economic driver.”

MacLeod hopes her long record of public service will convince voters to give their support when it comes time to mark their x at the ballot box.

“You can trust me, you can depend on me and if I can’t help in my own way I will certainly try to find the help and the answers to the questions and concerns that people may have.”

Reported by Ed Halverson 
Twitter: @edwardhalverson

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