Local restaurant owner fears another COVID-19 closure

On the green background the slogan read when life is rough the beer is good.
Local business owners fearing being shut down again. Photo courtesy of La Knowlton co.
Holly Mueller - CIDI - KnowltonQC | 31-03-2021

Owner and operator of La Knowlton co. Nicholas Allan fears the government is going to mandate another lockdown.

La Knowlton co. is a microbrewery in the town of Knowlton. They brew their own craft beer onsite while offering a menu of pizza and salads. The microbrewery opened its doors in Nov 2019.

“We’ve actually kind of been more closed than open,” joked Allan. 

La Knowlton co. opened their doors again for the fourth time two weeks ago. Following all the COVID-19 restrictions mandated by the government, the microbrewery is only allowed a maximum capacity of six tables to allow for social distancing and proper spacing. The rule stated each table can seat up to two adults with three of their children under 18. 

Uncertain at the beginning, Allan said he is pleasantly surprised at the turnout of people just wanting to get out.

“We are taking reservations and have basically been completely booked at every seating time for the past two weeks,” stated Allan.

Although the past two weeks have gone smoothly, Allan along with other business owners, is fearful they may need to close once again with the rising COVID-19 case numbers. 

“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves like we did last time and get re-shut down,” said Allan.

Aside from the negativity of the looming closures Allan said “we are happy to be open.”

Here is Nicholas Allan speaking with CIDI:

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