Local man fights to get covered bus shelter outside Nelson hospital

phil mader poses in blue jacket outside nelson hospital with the mountains in the background
Phil Mader, Nelson resident, hopes the city gives commuters a hand. Photo by John Rune/KCR News
John Rune - CJLY - KootenayBC | 28-12-2022
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A Nelson man says the lack of an enclosed bus shelter outside Kootenay Lake Hospital is leaving patients and Uphill commuters with no protection against chilly winds.

"When people who are unwell leave the hospital and need to use the bus, if there is sub-zero temperatures, it can be pretty brutal," Phil Mader said. "Especially some people don't always dress properly for winter, so that is pretty evident."

Mader, who lives near the hospital and often commutes from the bus stop outside the hospital, said he has been working to get the attention of local stakeholders such as the hospital foundation and MLA Brittny Anderson for over a year, and while his voice is being heard, little is happening. He has also approached the city, which he thinks should do more to give commuters some shelter from the cold.

"I have to say that the city is now embarking on projects to improve public transit. My hat is off to them, but my hope is that they are going to put more effort into it."

City councillor Rik Logtenberg confirmed that the city has been approached about the issue, and that there 'is an intention' to go through with the plans, but that the grant application which would be used for the purpose of installing a covered bus shelter was complicated over jurisdictional issues on who can, and should install a shelter.

'It can be pretty brutal' – Phil Mader tells KCR News about what hospital commuters can be forced to deal with