Local bike shop thrives amid struggles caused by pandemic

The black and lime green Koops Bike Shop logo featuring the name and a small bicycle
Koops Bike Shop has seen its business soar during the pandemic and the family business is preparing for another busy season. Photo courtesy of Koops Bike Shop.
Karl Wyssen - CFUR - Prince GeorgeBC | 01-03-2021

Koops Bike Shop in Prince George has seen increased sales and interest since the pandemic first hit last spring and the small business is now gearing up for another busy season.

The Koops family stands inside a bike shop with bikes all around them.

The Koops family. Photo courtesy of Marianne Koops.

Manager Marianne Koops said the pandemic "increased business considerably." One of the shop's main obstacles has been with stock — Koops said the pandemic has "made getting product for this year much more complicated."

The shop is currently sitting on less than 50 per cent of their product as the shortage on stock has them hoping that it will show up before the spring/summer season.

 We are already seeing people in and buying stuff as rumor's are flying around that things are going to be in short supply," said Koops.

While the shop does employ seasonal workers during the busy months, the core team is family. Gys and Lynn Koops have owned and operated the shop since 1973 and they now work alongside their son Jeff and daughter Marianne.

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