Knowlton Lions Club reminds citizens to enter community contest

The advertisement for the photos and puzzles contest. There is the logo of the Knowlton Lions in the top left corner. There is a puzzle in the middle with a camera to its left and a phone on the right.
Deadline to enter a photo is Wed Mar 31. Photo Curtesy of The Knowlton Lions.
Holly Mueller - CIDI - KnowltonQC | 25-03-2021
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The deadline for the Knowlton Lions Club photos and puzzles contest is next Wednesday Mar 31.

The Knowlton Lions Club is a volunteer association that helps in various places around the community.

“We’ve always been involved in community service,” shared John Staton, Lions Club member, “we try to return as much as we can back to the community.”

The photos and puzzles contest asks citizens living in the Knowlton Lions region (Knowlton, Brome, and West Bolton) to submit a local photo for a chance to win. There are 3 categories for submissions: winter, animals, and iconic scenes in the region. A winner will be selected in each category to have their photo transformed into a puzzle. The puzzles will then be distributed to all the retirement homes in the region.

Photos can be submitted to the Knowlton Lions email address. It is unknown whether the puzzles will be made available for purchase by the public, however, the Lions are greatly pondering this decision after some requests.

“We’re trying to create something that’s creative and also encourages people to just get out, have fun, and … have civic pride in our towns and just have a good time,” explained Staton. 

Here is John Staton speaking with CIDI: