Kingston city council bids to host 2024 Memorial Cup

Kingston city councillors and delegates sit in the chambers at a city council meeting.
The Kingston city council meeting Tuesday to discuss Memorial Cup bid. Screen capture from YouTube.
Alexandra Fernandes - CFRC - KingstonON | 23-01-2023
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Kingston City Council has voted to put in a bid to host the 2024 Memorial Cup, the national Canadian Hockey League championship.

This decision was made during a special council meeting that took place on Jan. 17. This would have Kingston contribute approximately $635,000 in in-kind contributions and monetary funds to host the event.

Lanie Hurdle, chief administrative officer for the city, brought forward a report to council with recommendations. The first recommendation was that $374,000 would be used to offset facility and equipment rental fees, staffing costs and enhanced and extended municipal services across city departments. The second recommendation was that up to $261,000 would be incorporated in the 2024 municipal operational budget funded from the Working Fund Reserve or other available funding sources with no direct impact on the property tax rate.

The in-kind contributions would include giving the teams free practice time on the rinks at the INVISTA centre, as well as providing the teams with exclusive access to their own dressing rooms. Teams would also have exclusive access to the fitness facilities and studio, as well as be granted access to the Artillery Park Aquatic Centre for use of the leisure pool and sauna.

The 2024 Memorial Cup event has an approximate budget of $13.5 million and is expected to bring in 55,000 spectators with an economic impact of $20.4 million.

Marijo Cuerrier, executive director of Downtown Kingston's Business Improvement Area, spoke about the positive economic impacts that local businesses will have if Kingston is successfully chosen to host the 2024 tournament: