Jenny Kwan: Making sure the voices of the community are heard

Jenny Kwan, NDP candidate for Vancouver East
Jenny Kwan, NDP candidate for Vancouver East has been member of Parliament since 2015 - Photo courtesy of
James Mainguy - CFRO - VancouverBC | 18-09-2021

Jenny Kwan of the NDP Party is seeking re-election in the riding of Vancouver East. She’s been representing the riding in Ottawa since 2015. For 20 years before that, she was a B.C. MLA for the riding of Vancouver-Mount Pleasant. In this discussion, Kwan discusses the work she has done over the past six years, and what the NDP is offering voters in this year’s election, promising to bring in, “...a wealth tax so that we can ensure those who can afford to pay, pay a little bit more. We need to shut down all the holes and gaps where the ultra-rich can avoid paying their fair share of taxes.” 

With the prospect of another Liberal Party government, Kwan says that “ not going to deliver what we need, our strong voices to push for something different to get action done. And I'm committed to that. As people know,... I've never shied of speaking out.”