Indigenous Innovations: taking the time to build trust and relationships

Indigenous Innovations
Indigenous Innovations helps First Nations People break down barriers to health care - Image courtesy Indigenous Innovations
John Zador - CFRO - VancouverBC | 15-11-2021
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Indigenous innovations aims to help First Nations people break down barriers to accessing quality healthcare. They also help feed the community and provide Naloxone kits to those in the Downtown Eastside, through their First Nations driven programs.

Reporter John Zee catches up with John Su, co-founder of Indigenous Innovations, at a time when the organization is expanding its services. Together they discuss the barriers Indigenous people face when accessing health care and how Indigenous Innovations helps bridge connections between First Nations people and the medical care system.

They also discuss how racism within the medical care system is alive and well in 2021. And how indigenous innovations wants to bring reconciliation for First Nations people to the medical care system.


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