How to address Indigenous-specific racism in BC’s health care system

Richard Jock, CEO of the FNHA
Richard Jock, CEO of the First Nations Health Authority. Photo courtesy of the FNHA
James Mainguy - CFRO - VancouverBC | 19-10-2021

Released late last year, “In Plain Sight” is a report addressing Indigenous-specific racism in B.C.’s health care system.

Among its first recommendations is that the provincial government “develop appropriate policy foundations and implement legislative changes to require anti-racism and “hard-wire” cultural safety.” To that end, BC has set up a task force with a mandate to spearhead the implementation of such policy changes. 

Richard Jock is CEO of the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). He is also co-chair of the “In Plain Sight” task force. Jock said one of the problems is that Indigenous people "fall through the cracks" in the health care system,

“In the case of first nations people, for example they have not been part of the overall health system...there have been so many instances where, First Nations people fall in the cracks," he said. 

The First Nations Health Authority is unique in Canada, one already addressing Indigenous-specific racism in the health care system. And Jock sees B.C. “showing leadership in terms of acknowledging this systemic racism and pledging to take action.”

Listen to CFRO's interview with Richard Jock below: