Homelessness motion amended to include consultation

A photo of Vancouver City Council.
Vancouver City Council. Photo courtesy of City of Vancouver.
Laurence Gatinel - CFRO - VancouverBC | 16-09-2020
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By Tan Mei Xi

The Special Council Meeting called by Mayor Kennedy Stewart last week extended to Monday, with a large number of speakers from the community registering to speak to council and councillors moving to amend the original motion.

Last week, Mayor Kennedy Stewart called a Special Council Meeting to discuss his motion proposing that city staff look into three housing options for unsheltered residents. The options included purchasing or leasing hotels; starting a relief encampment; and converting city-owned buildings into temporary shelters. The motion stated that Council would seek funding from the provincial and federal levels of government.

Coun. Jean Swanson amended the motion to add two additional shelter options, tiny home villages and RV parks. Her amendment included a point directing city staff to meaningfully consult with campers.

Coun. Bligh added a further amendment to incorporate portions of a motion she had put forward with Coun. Michael Wiebe on homelessness. That motion was originally scheduled to be discussed during the regular Council meeting on September 15th. Coun. Bligh has since retracted her motion.