Guided heart-centered ceremony with cacao: Local offers classes at Hollyhock

People sit around a table, lifting a bowl above their heads.
Tanya Krahn is offering a one-hour guided ceremony with cacao at the Hollyhock sanctuary. Photo by Tanya Krahn.
Loni Taylor - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 13-09-2022
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Tanya Krahn has been offering the Cortes community a taste of raw, wild-grown cacao for ten years. Now, the student of cacao is a teacher, guiding participants in ceremony with a specially brewed cacao beverage. Krahn will be offering guidance in bringing ceremony into participants' lives while using cacao, and focusing on the heart-center. She emphasizes that there is no “traditional cacao ceremony” and instead, that she is focused on “open dialogue from the heart.”

“When we are in a state of ceremony, it's like a portal that opens and it gives us permission to start to feel things and to be in a place of reception to start to receive the things that we are looking for. And that changes our perception on how we get what we want in our lives," Krahn said. "When we're always thinking, like we have to make this huge effort. To go and get what we want when really the universe is always trying to give us what we want. We just have to work with that same energy that it is created from. So the ceremony allows us to open that possibility into our lives once again.”

The program is ongoing at the Hollyhock sanctuary: each class is a stand-alone introduction to using cacao in ceremony. There is a maximum of 10 participants and pre-registration is required online. The class has a varying schedule, with one hour sessions at 8 p.m. 

Dates: Tuesday, Sept. 13; Saturday, Sept. 17; Saturday, Sept. 24; Tuesday, Sept. 27; Saturday, Oct. 1; Saturday, Oct. 8; Saturday, Oct. 15.

To hear more about bringing ceremony into lifestyle with cacao, listen to the CKTZ News update below: