Government of Alberta rolling out inflation relief packages

The east entrance of the Queen Elizabeth II Building as seen from the outside, with pillars right in front of the doors. Weather seems fair
East entrance of the Queen Elizabeth II Building. Photo courtesy of the Government of Alberta.
Ryan Hunt - CFWE - EdmontonAL | 12-01-2023
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The Government of Alberta is putting out some inflation relief payments to help Albertans combat the current inflation period.

Eligible Albertans—including seniors, families with children under 18-years-old, and vulnerable residents—will receive $600 over a six month time period.

Applications for the program open up on Jan. 18 and stay open until June 30.

Minister of Affordability and Utilities Matt Jones, said the long-term goal is "to help Albertans deal with the inflationary and cost of living pressures they are facing."

After the six month time period passes, the program will be re-evaluated, and possibly reinstated if needed, Jones added.

More information on the package and where to apply can be found the Alberta government's website.

Listen to the full CFWE Interview below with Minister Matt Jones: