Gorge Harbour Marina Resort fires new co-managers, shakes up management team

A man with greying hair and beard clad in a white shirt and black jacket smiles at the camera.
New Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation General Manager Jason Johnson. Photo courtesy of Jason Johnson.
Greg Osoba - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 08-08-2022
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After being sold last year to the local Klahoose First Nation, Cortes Island's Gorge Harbour Marina Resort got off to a rough start this spring. The new co-managers hired by Klahoose Nation's business arm, Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation (QXMC), were recently fired. 

A stylized goat on a hill forms a first nation logo for Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation.

The two co-managers for Gorge Harbour Marina Resort were let go on July 24. Image courtesy of QXMC.

Heather Reimer and Ron Quire were let go on July 24 following complaints by Gorge Harbour Marina Resort staff and local Cortes Islanders. Five longtime staff had resigned in recent months including former co-managers Bill Dougan and Tammy Allwork who suddenly quit back in April, even though they had agreed to stay on and help with the management transition until August. CKTZ News reached out to Reimer and Quire for comment, but they declined.

Quadra Island RCMP confirm that they continue to investigate allegations surrounding the management changes, but no charges are pending and they have no comment at this time.

Maintenance employee Scotty Martin was one of the staff members who quit. "I resigned from the Gorge with great sadness because of the new managers and assistant managers. I quit because of the assistant managers who had no clue what they were doing although they acted like they did. All the managers did not care about the community at all...they were only out for themselves. I offered to come back once I heard of the mess the place was in after they were fired. I'm now working three days a week back in maintenance."

Jason Johnson took over as QXMC's general manager on July 11. He conducted an internal investigation into allegations and complaints about Reimer and Quire's leadership. After about a week, he made the decision to let them go.

CKTZ News investigates the changes in the report below.