Foreign affairs minister joins TMU democracy forum to discuss Ukraine conflict 

A person in a brown suit and glasses on the left speaking with three people on a stage with flags beyond them. All indviduals pictured are sitting on chairs.
The democracy forum returns this summer with several foreign affairs minsters, including Canada's Melanie Joly, discussing next steps for NATO and the west against Russian aggression in Ukraine. Photo courtesy of Toronto Metropolitan University's website.
Daniel Centeno - CJRU - TorontoON | 15-06-2022
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Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) hosted a discussion focused on conflict, peace and security concerning the ongoing war in Ukraine.   

Among the speakers was Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly, who spoke on Canada’s role in ensuring a peaceful resolution to the conflict. 

The talk was moderated by TMU visiting professor and Toronto Star columnist, Martin Regg Cohn. 

Joly stressed the importance of unity among NATO members and western nations against Russian aggression. She highlighted Canada's continued committment to Ukraine sovereignty, including providing military aid and support since 2014 during the eventual invasion of Crimea. 

The next steps, according to Joly, is the NATO summit in Madrid later this month.

Further, she mentioned the Baltic states and their own security concerns in the region

Cohn also stated the personal stake in the conflict for Ukrainian and Baltic residents in both Toronto and Canada.

In addition to military aid, Joly said Canada’s continued work to help refugees of the war includes an increase in chartered flights and visas for them to come to Canada. 

This month’s democracy forum returned as a hybrid event and is the first of the ongoing series to have the "TMU" name. The forum is directed by TMU’s Faculty of Arts and Politics and Governance program. 

To date, Canada has committed up to $98 million in military equipment to Ukraine. 

In the 2022 budget, about $500 million is committed to continued military aid for the 2022-23 fiscal year, according to the Government of Canada website

Listen to CJRU's coverage of the democracy forum here: