Fittedfast helps local businesses reach customers

Fittedfast lettering with illustrated clothes hanger hanging off the last letter.
Graphic courtesy of Fittedfast
Sam Dharmasena - CJRU - TorontoON | 18-03-2021
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Photo of Fittedfast founder Keturah Osinde

Photo courtesy of Fittedfast

Fittedfast is making shopping locally an easier task. The Toronto-based business refers to themselves as a local amazon or the ubereats of clothes. In essence, Fittedfast highlights local businesses on its online platform and handles deliveries on their behalf. To learn more, CJRU spoke with founder Keturah Osinde and a Fittestfast merchant, Carolyn L. Arn of Backyard Studios. They share stories of collaboration and community and the realities of navigating the pandemic as a small business.

The idea for Fittedfast began in 2019 as a result of Osinde’s own shopping frustrations. Back then, she was picking up an order at the Eaton Centre, wishing it could be delivered straight to her door. Osinde took matters into her own hands and created the service she was seeking. With the pandemic limiting businesses to shipping and curb-side pickups, many more shoppers were facing the same pain points as Osinde.

Arn is the owner of Backyard Studios and a Fittedfast merchant. She’s been posting her non-medical, reusable handmade face masks on the platform. Arn is also a commercial real estate professional and practicing artist.

mannequin wearing floral patterned mask by Backyard Studios

Batik multicoloured mask by Backyard Studios. Photo courtesy of Fittedfast.

“At the beginning of 2020 when COVID hit, all my art shows were cancelled. One of the things I did for my me-time and my sanity was making art,” Arn says.

Not long after, Arn channeled that energy towards creating masks and donating them to essential workers. To keep things financially sustainable, she started selling some of those masks. Now, Arn donates one of every four masks made at Backyard Studios.

Throughout the pandemic, Fittedfast has suspended their 5% pick-up fee so there is no cost for merchants to list items on the platform.

“We like all kinds of businesses to sign up. Whether you’re a single mother in her home, single father in their home or you have a whole team on King Street. We welcome you all to Fittedfast. As long as you’re here in Toronto and you’re local, welcome aboard,” Osinde says.

To hear more about Fittedfast and Backyard Studios, listen to the interview below: