Fergus Grand Theatre: We will be back

A cobblestone building known as the Fergus Grand Theatre sits downtown Fergus, Ontario.
The Fergus Grand Theatre located downtown Fergus, Ontario. Photo by: Austin Cardinall
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The performing arts community may not be back to work yet across the province, but here in Centre Wellington, it’s loud and clear the Fergus Grand Theatre isn’t going anywhere.

Recently, Theatre Coordinator Eric Goudie sent out a release to the community stating the theatre would not be re-opening for the remainder of the year. But Goudie says he will be back at his desk early in 2021.

“Job one for me is about bringing the building back to a place where we can safely host audiences and performers in our venue, whatever that looks like at that time,” he said.

Goudie says the theatre is part of a much broader community of people, both provincially and across the country, so they have access to really great re-opening resources and best practices.

He says come 2021, the theatre will have a rock-solid plan in place.

“For health and safety, for cleaning and sanitizing, and for making sure people can enjoy their time at the theatre, that’s something I never want to lose sight of,” Goudie said.

Goudie says people really enjoy going to the theatre.

“People who are missing it right now, they’re really missing something in their lives, and I want to make sure we are able to offer that to people once again," he said. "That’s what keeps me going."

Reasons behind the theatre being closed for the rest of year mainly have to do with the size of the facility.

“For us to maintain 50 people socially distanced in an auditorium designed for 250 is technically doable, but practically quite tricky,” Goudie said.

Goudie says it’s also because the theatre is primarily a rental facility.

“We are renting the theatre out to outside clients, none of them have a business model whereby they can afford to really do a show for 50 people," he said.

Goudie adds the community has really shown their support for the theatre, and he is excited to get back to work in the new year.

Eric Goudie Theatre Coordinator at the Fergus Grand Theatre: