Fatuma Kou releases new self-published book on culture: ‘When I see you I see Art’

The black and white cover of When I See You I See Art with Fatuma Kou featured
Fatuma Kou's Art cover for her self-published book 'When I see you, I see Art'. Photo courtesy of Fatuma Kou.
Jhamesha Milord Ashford - CHUO - OttawaON | 16-02-2021
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Ottawa artist, designer and author Fatuma Kou released a new magazine-style book this Feb. 9th, that is centered on culture.

'When I see you I see Art' tells Kou's own story through paintings, photography and drawings.

Kou wants readers to learn about various cultures, as well as their own, and analyze what culture means to them.

Inspired by her nieces and nephews, Kou has published three children's book titled "Kweku," "Where Mom is from," and "I Am." In her books, the main characters are Black so that when Black children read her books, they get to see someone that looks like them, Kou said.

"I think that's the first thing they do when they turn to their mom and say, 'Mom look, she looks just like me.' I think it makes my heart smile even more than they think or they might feel, because it reminds me of me," Kou said.

Aside from self-publishing, Kou also loves to write poetry and works with the Ottawa Catholic School Board to teach art to youth.

To purchase 'When I see you, I see Art,' and many of her other books and art, visit Kou's website.

Here is Fatuma Kou speaking with CHUO about her latest book: