Evelyn’s Memory Lane in High River featured in HBO’s “The Last of Us”

The storefront of Evelyn's Memory Lane in High River, shot from the street just out front. There are two people walking just in front of the main doors into the diner. Weather seems fair.
Evelyn's Memory Lane storefront. Photo courtesy of Evelyn's Memory Lane on Facebook.
Ryan Hunt - CFWE - EdmontonAL | 19-01-2023
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Evelyn's Memory Lane, a long-standing diner in High River Alberta, was recently in the spotlight as it was the sight for a scene in HBO's "The Last of Us".

David Poudrier, Owner of Evelyn's Memory Lane, said that seeing the scene was "pretty amazing" and that he was "feeling so many emotions" about it.

The feature was brief, but according to Poudrier, the attention the diner has gotten since the first episode of the video game-based production aired has been above his expectations.

There's been a lot of attention of their Facebook page so far, with locals raving about the appearance. Poudrier hopes that the attention will translate more to his business soon.

While HBO crews were in town, lots stopped by Evelyn's and other small cafes and restaurants in town. Not only did Evelyn's see lots of support from the filming of "The Last of Us", but it also "supported the whole neighborhood".

From "Heartland" to "Superman III", High River is familiar with film crews using the town's unique scenery for projects. With the latest production shooting in multiple places in town, Poudrier says "The Last of Us" brought so much good to High River and will continue to do so as the episodes air.

​​Listen to the full CFWE Interview below with David Poudrier: