Ellis Ross and John Rustad for Liberals in Skeena and Nechako

Pamela Haasen - CICK - SmithersBC | 28-10-2020

Photos courtesy of Ellis Ross and John Rustad Facebook pages

Ellis Ross is disappointed in voter turnout this year. Ross believes that everything from announcing a snap election to conspiracy theories on Facebook to the confusing nature of the mail-in ballot amounted to a number of voters just putting their hands up this year and say "forget it".

Ross was elected for the BC Liberal Party in the riding of Skeena in the recent Oct. 24 election.

Incumbent MLA John Rustad noted a "tone of nastiness" throughout this year's campaign from his opponents and cited the NDP (who now have a majority in BC) responsible for calling a snap election and using their "position of power" to push this election forward and take the province by surprise.

Rustad was voted in for his fifth term as MLA for the riding of Nechako Lakes.

Tune in to CICK News Oct. 29 to hear from Ellis Ross and John Rustad.