Election 2021: Blaney says climate change and affordable housing are the key issues

A woman standing in front of the docks where dozens of fishing boats are moored
NDP candidate and North Island-Powell River incumbent Rachel Blaney standing in front of the docks in Campbell River. Photo courtesy of Rachel Blaney's constituency office.
Roy Hales - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 25-08-2021
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NDP candidate Rachel Blaney is running for reelection in North Island-Powell River. She has been the MP for the riding since 2015.

CKTZ spoke with her about the key issues in this federal election.

“What we’ve been hearing here, in our campaign office, is climate change; housing and affordability; care for seniors; and Indigenous issues- people wanting to see more reconciliation and action around reconciliation,” said Blaney.

In the podcast below, Blaney speaks about:

  • A young professional couple who live in an RV because they cannot afford to buy or rent a house and pay off their student loans.
  • Seniors who pay so much for rent that they are forced to choose whether the resulting shortfall will mean less food or no medication.
  • Young people who pay so much for rent that they cannot imagine saving up enough for a down payment on a home.
  • The speed with which our environment is changing: the wildfires and heatwaves and a Liberal federal government that talks about these issues but does very little.
  • The amount of emissions that come from food waste, which is something everyone can address

Blaney also talks about the struggle to address these issues during her six years in office.

“There are multiple solutions but now we are in a crisis point. So even though we are seeing more housing coming into some of our communities, we are just so far behind,”  she said.

Asked why we should vote for her, Blaney pointed to her track record of helping communities and individual constituents.

This ranges from things like helping people apply for the $600 disability tax credit, to ensuring that an economic diversification agency office will open in Campbell River.   

“I am a voice that you can trust. I may not always agree with you, but I will always have a conversation. Me and my team are out there working really hard to have conversations with people and understand the issues," she said.

CKTZ News is asking every federal candidate in the local riding three questions:

  1. What is the most important issue(s) in this election?
  2. What have you done, personally, to address this issue(s)?
  3. Why should we vote for you?

The federal election is Sept. 20. Stay tuned to CKTZ's coverage of the federal election over the next month: