Drumming up funds for BC Children’s Hospital is musician and marathoner’s mission

Along a highway at dusk, a man wearing hi-viz running gear is running in front of a 'support vehicle' which is a 35-foot RV follows behind him.
Lyle Povah is running 1500 KMs across BC to raise funds for BC Children's Hospital. He's is Burns Lake, Fraser Lake, and Vanderhoof this week. Photo by Esteven.
Pamela Haasen - CICK - SmithersBC | 17-10-2023
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Lyle Povah is a musician and marathon runner, a combination that might inspire a 1500 kilometre tour of British Columbia -- but it has.

Povah and his Drum Run support team are raising funds for the BC Children’s Hospital by running from Victoria BC up to northern BC and back again. The first leg of the tour was Victoria to Campbell River. He is currently making his way across Highway 16 (The Highway of Tears) starting at Prince Rupert and ending in Prince George by October 27th.

Povah has just completed his tour through Smithers and will be in Burns Lake, Fraser Lake, and Vanderhoof this week. What makes this marathon unique is that he orchestrated a community drum circle in each of the 25 cities on his tour, he orchestrates a community drum circle. "The magic of a drum circle is that it's all about well, the drum! And it's about building community. So people even though they might think that they're incapable or not very skilled at rhythm, that's not my experience as a facilitator. Everybody has a heartbeat," he told CICK. "So we are much more skilled than we might think we are. We provide all the drums, we have almost a hundred drums, we set up a circle of chairs, and we put a drum in every chair, and then I lead people in an experience of the drum circle, so it's, it's very beginner friendly. we provide the drums, so all people have to do is just show up, and it's a tremendous community builder."

Before this, for 32 years, Povah worked a day a week at the BC Children's Hospital doing a drumming and music program for kids.

He told CICK News "I'm so inspired by this cause and when you have an opportunity to work with kids that you know are saddled with incredibly devastating conditions. And they demonstrate, even at a young age, such, such amazing resiliency. I just go, you know what, I can, I can run 35 kilometers, right?"

Lyle is a third of the way to reaching his goal of raising $100,000. Listen to his interview with CICK News in the link below.

Listen to the radio program below: