Drag racers want to buy regional airport

Map showing the location of South Shore Regional Airport
South Shore Regional Airport in Greenfield. Image from Google Maps
Ed Halverson - QCCR/CJQC - LiverpoolNS | 14-11-2022
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After an initial sale fell through another buyer has been found for the South Shore Regional Airport.

The Nova Scotia Drag Racers Association is one of two groups currently using the airport.

The NSDRA hosts drag racing events on site five weekends each summer.

As a non-profit organization the group is looking to buy the airport for less than fair market value.

The proposed sale price was not disclosed in the recent Region of Queens Council agenda package.

Region of Queens Mayor Darlene Norman says the group has contributed a great deal to the area over its 20-year history and would be a good fit.

“Sometimes it isn’t about who’s got the biggest pockets. Sometimes it’s about who can bring the best value to people.,” said Norman. “When you think this is located in the northern part of our municipality, 1,000 people on a weekend is a nice boost to that economy and several local businesses are supported by the activity of the Nova Scotia Drag Racers Association.”

The drag racers have agreed that should they buy the property they will work to provide the other current user, the South Shore Flying Club with a lease so they can continue their activities on the site.

Council had voted to sell the airport property to Liemke Ventures for $565,000 at their April 12 meeting but the sale was never finalized.

A public hearing on the sale to the Nova Scotia Drag Racers Association will be held at 9:00 AM on December 13 in council chambers.

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