Dismantling has begun on century-old crossing in Quick

a bridge is viewed from the shore of a wide river (called The Bulkley River). It is a grey day and there is no traffic on the bridge.
Quick Bridge from the shore of the Bulkley River is currently under construction. Photo by Pam Haasen.
Pamela Haasen - CICK - SmithersBC | 23-01-2023
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In October 2022, the Quick Bridge was closed to all traffic (including pedestrians) so that Luxton Construction, the engineering firm from Delta, BC, could begin their work demolishing the bridge. The process that will remove and replace the Quick Bridge is called a "dismantling," which means the main timber planks that create the surface for all traffic will be removed from the three concrete piers that support the bridge. Once the bridge is free, Luxton Construction will move the bridge to the shore of the Bulkley River and begin dismantling the Wooden Howe Truss structure.

The concrete piers will remain and will support the new Algonquin structure. According to the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure webpage dedicated to the Quick Bridge Superstructure project, the people of Quick should be able to use the crossing starting in February 2023 (weeks away). However, Jordan Sciberras from Luxton Construction says "that timeline is no longer viable."

Jordan is the main engineer on site for the Quick Bridge project and says that the people of Quick have been "curious but courteous" during this job. In his interview with CICK News, he acknowledged the impact this bridge had on the community and its history, and wants to "do the job quickly and professionally so they can get back to normal."

CICK News reached out to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for an interview again for this news story, which was denied, but a written response was submitted.

Listen to the full interview with Jordan Sciberras below: