Creating Hope Society of Alberta hosts second sexual violence awareness walk in Edmonton

A group of organizers from the Creating Hope Society of Alberta stand together and hold up colorful posters that condemn sexual violence. Weather is clear.
The Creating Hope Society of Alberta getting ready for the walk. Photo by Ryan Hunt.
Ryan Hunt - CFWE - EdmontonAL | 23-05-2023
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Members of the Creating Hope Society of Alberta hosted their second annual "Stand Up Walk to End Sexual Violence" on Thursday, May 18th in downtown Edmonton with a march that started in the Violet Henry Plaza and ended at the Kinistinâw Park.

Felicia Ricard, Street Program Coordinator with the Creating Hope Society of Alberta and the organizer of the walk, spoke with Windspeaker Radio Network about the meaning behind the walk, saying that "the event is really a place for individuals to come share their stories and to heal in a space that's safe for them."

"There's a lot of stigma and fear behind sexual violence. There's a lot of not wanting to raise your voice and admit something so vulnerable has happened to you. We are here to raise our voices for survivors," she added.

The importance of these walks lies not only in raising the voices of the unheard, Ricard said, but for survivors to network with one another.

"This is not a 'them' issue, this is a 'society' issue. It's something that people need to be talking about more."

Nancy Skorobohach, a citizen at the walk, shared a message to any survivors keeping their stories to themselves.

"I believe you, you didn't deserve this to have this happen to you. I hope that your healing journey brings you whatever you need it to bring you...again, I believe you".

Listen to the full CFWE interview below with Felicia Ricard and Nancy Skorobohach: