Council greenlights new dump truck with winter implements

A large green dump truck inside a white and metallic garage structure. The truck has a large side shovel attached to its frontal section.
Prince Edward County's current single axle dump truck with winter implements. Photo from the Prince Edward County Public Record.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 26-05-2023
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On Tuesday, Prince Edward County Council approved of the purchase of a new single axle dump truck with winter implements for the cost of $368,604.10.

The heavy truck will be provided by Premier Truck Group, the sole bidder, for the purposes of replacing an aging existing unit in the county’s fleet.

Though council had approved of the truck’s acquisition in the 2023 Capital Budget, the final price for it came in at $26,027.31 overbudget.

In response to this, Ameliasburgh Coun. Roy Pennell described some ideas for curtailing fleet costs:

Janice Maynard, the other Ameliasburgh councillor, was in favour of purchasing the truck because of the uncertainty of increasing prices due to inflation, which are even effecting the used vehicle market:

Listen to the story below: