Council approves of over $2 million for road rehabilitation and maintenance

A grey corroded and worn out road surface is foregrounded in most of the image. Darker stains and scoring are scattered throughout. A gravel border exists on the left side with green and yellow vegetation on the far left side. Further off are larger yellow and black traffic pylons.
A surface treated road in Prince Edward County (circa 2014). Photo from the Prince Edward County public record.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 12-05-2023
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On Tuesday, Prince Edward County council voted to approve over $2 million in tenders related to road rehabilitation and maintenance.

Miller Paving Limited will receive $1,177,646.60 (plus applicable taxes) and $760,842.00 (plus applicable taxes) respectively for surface treatment and micro surfacing work.

Apex Pavement Markings Inc. will receive $323,029.00 (plus applicable taxes) for road line painting and pavement marking work.

North Marysburgh Coun. David Harrison queried county staff on how many kilometres the micro surfacing work would resurface, and was surprised with the response that it was only 11.3 kilometres. Adam Goheen, Director of Operational Services, emphasized the importance of the preventative work, even though it was being applied to a relatively small segment of the county's many hundreds of kilometres of roads because it ensured against much larger road reconstruction costs in the future, as forecasted by the new municipal road asset management software:

Prince Edward County has budgeted $10,720,971 for road work, this year, according to its capital budget.

Listen to the story below: