Cosmo Sheldrake shares the love, headlines Lovefest once again

A man wearing a flower shirt, stands on a dock in the middle of a wetland.
Cosmo Sheldrake enjoying the Beaver Swamp in Kwas Park. Photo by Flora Wallace.
Loni Taylor - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 11-08-2022
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Cosmo Sheldrake—musician, composer and producer— is headlining the upcoming local music festival Lovefest. The popular musician is based in London, but he explains how his connection to Cortes Island began early in life.

“The first time I came here…my mom was pregnant with me, so I wasn't even quite born.”

Sheldrake has attained international recognition for his music, but stays humble by returning to his roots: the artist will headline the local music festival for the third time.

“I'm excited to play. It's like the archetypal kind of community event really, and it's such a joy to be part of it.”

Performing at Linnaea Farm, the location of Lovefest, is a circular experience for Sheldrake. His history with the Power of Hope (POH) camp, which also takes place at Linnaea Farm, has included some of his first experiences performing. The musician elaborates on the positive effects POH has had on him, attending and working for the camp.

“The intergenerational nature of this place has such a resonance there, being at Linnaea it's so saturated and dripping with memories and nostalgia and so many fond memories of being on that land. So yeah, for me, it's a particularly powerful place…flooded with sort of memories of the first time I ever did do that. Or any sort of attempt improvising in front of people or using a loop pedal or stuff like that.”

Cosmo Sheldrake will perform live at Linnaea Farm on Sunday, Aug. 14. The all ages event is $30 at the door and live music will go from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Hear more about Cosmo Sheldrake's creative journey in the CKTZ News update below: