Concern for chronically ill and preventative care as another doctor closes up shop in Sackville

A woman smiling, wearing a hat.
Nancy Oulton is a resident of Baie Verte, and a soon-to-be-former patient of Dr. Adrian Kelly. Image: contributed
Erica Butler - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 07-12-2023
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Another doctor is closing their primary care practice in Sackville.

Dr. Adrian Kelly has announced he will be closing his practice as of December 15 this year. In a letter to patients shared on social media, Dr. Kelly says he was unsuccessful in convincing Horizon to accept any of his patients in the new Sackville primary care clinic.

Soon-to-be-former patient Nancy Oulton says she respects Kelly's decision, even if his departure from primary care means she will be without a doctor for the first time in her life, with no clear prospects for finding a new one.

CHMA called up Oulton on Wednedday to find out more about her situation.