Community rallies to save Seaside Centre

A woman stands holding flowers and is presented with a document by another man and woman
Outgoing president Sandy Cross is recognized by the Region of Queens for her years of service. From L-R: Sandy Cross, Volunteer Brian Muldoon and Mayor Darlene Norman. Photo by Ed Halverson.
Ed Halverson - CJQC/QCCR - LiverpoolNS | 24-11-2021

Residents braved Monday’s storm to save Seaside Community Centre.

The meeting was called after president of the Seaside board, Sandy Cross announced she is stepping down.

A new executive board was needed to keep the Centre from closing.

Fourteen people stepped forward from the crowded hall and volunteered to serve.

Having worked with the community centre for 27 years, Cross described the results of Monday night’s meeting in one word.

“Relief. Relief that this place is going to see new blood and it’s going to survive.”

Seaside Centre serves the communities of Beach Meadows, Eagle Head, West Berlin and East Berlin. According to the board’s bylaws, members of the executive must belong to one of those communities. Cross said one of the first priorities of the new board should be to change that bylaw.

“We talked about it before, about opening it up because that will allow more people to come in with more ideas. Not only that, new blood is good," she said.

Cross was surprised when towards the end of the meeting, Region of Queens Mayor Darlene Norman came forward to read a proclamation from the municipality recognizing her long years of service to Seaside Centre.

“That was totally, that just blew me,” said Cross. “It really did ‘cause I was not expecting that at all. I’m pleased. They even got me my favourite flowers. Everyone should have this opportunity.”

Mayor Norman is glad to see so many people offer their time to keep the centre going.

“This strikes a heart in the people of this community and that’s what’s important,” said Norman. “That people came forward and rallied behind Seaside Recreation Centre.”

The new board will meet Dec. 1 to select their executive and begin devising future plans for the centre.

Cross says while she is stepping away, she will continue to support the Seaside Centre and the new executive.

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