Community Forest Cooperative seeks proposals to create products from local wood

A woman and man sit at a table with their hands folded, wearing black sweaters in a country home with wood finishing.
Cortes Community Forest Cooperative President Carrie Saxifrage and Director Sadhu Johnston sit in a home finished with Cortes Island wood products. Photo by Greg Osoba.
Greg Osoba - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 04-11-2022
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The Cortes Community Forest Cooperative (CCFC) is hoping to reduce logging on Cortes Island by developing more wood products locally.

The organization, in partnership with the local Klahoose First Nation, holds a community forest tenure with the BC Ministry of Forests, covering about 30 per cent of the crown land on the island, according to CCFC President Carrie Saxifrage. Each year the partnership needs to harvest a demonstrable portion of trees under its tenure.

On Oct. 29, the CCFC issued a call for proposals to produce a "Business Roadmap for Value Added Forest Products," and stated that it is working on a strategy "to ensure that more lumber harvested on Cortes is used on Cortes." Proposals must be received by Nov. 10. Value added wood products can include trim used in carpentry finishing, furniture and dimensional lumber, as well as other items.

Saxifrage says that if more wood products are produced on Cortes Island using partnership harvested timber, resulting in economic activity, pressure to cut more trees under the organization's tenure will be eased.

She and CCFC director Sadhu Johnston say the organization adheres to sustainable forestry practices and the partnership with the local Klahoose First Nation is a benefit to all residents of Cortes Island and is responsible for the tenure that provides a degree of local control over logging on crown land.

Find out more in the CKTZ News interview below with Saxifrage and Johnston: