CIGI’s Rohinton Medhora on Biden and Canada

A headshot of Rohinton Medora against a grey textured wall.
How will Canada fare with neoliberal imperialist Joe Biden as US president. Photo courtesy of Rohinton Medhora
Dan Kellar - CKMS - KitchenerON | 04-02-2021
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Host: Ivan Angelovski

Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20th, as the new president of the United States, two weeks after violent protests in Washington, D.C. 

Rohinton Medhora, the president of the Waterloo based Centre for International Governance Innovation, was watching closely events in Washington.

What does the new U.S. administration mean for Canada, how will it affect the technology sector of the Waterloo Region, and what does he think of the big tech’s take down of Donald Trump.

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