Chinook Blast returns to Calgary’s downtown core

A street performer at Chinook Blast holding a hula hoop with light strings wrapped around. Photo was taken at night, with both streetlights and decorative lights shining bright
Light art performers at Chinook Blast on Stephen Avenue. Photo courtesy of Neil Zeller.
Ryan Hunt - CFWE - EdmontonAL | 13-01-2023
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Chinook Blast hopes to bring winter cheer to Calgary's downtown core with its outdoor festival this month.

Franca Gualtieri, executive director of Chinook Blast, says "there's over 200 different winter experiences" for festivalgoers to see and engage in at the winter event from Jan. 27-Feb. 12.

Chinook Blast kicks off with a huge concert in Olympic Plaza and is followed by High Performance Rodeo, a performing arts festival; Big Winter Classic, a four-day arts and music event; Calgary Folk Music Festival’s Block Heater, a music festival; and Ethnik Festival, an arts and culture festival.

The event will also feature unique light installations, art installations, brand new night markets, cultural dances, as well as award-winning music artists and street performers taking the stages throughout downtown Calgary throughout the three week run.

Chinook Blast started as "the gust of an idea" to bring Calgary residents together during the winter months, according to its website. The first initiative came together in 2020 and then the event "persevered" through the COVID-19 pandemic and "provided people the chance to get outside" during 2020-2022 years.

For more information regarding Chinook Blast, including schedules and more, can be found on the festival's website.

Listen to the full CFWE Interview below with Franca Gualtieri: